Calibration Services

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Paramount CryoBio has a full line of liquid nitrogen (LN2) freezers and Dewars for the storage and transportation of biological materials. To ensure the long term function of LN2 freezers and safe storage of your biological materials, Paramount CryoBio will work with you to customize a preventative maintenance schedule. Quarterly, biannual, and annual maintenance items should be performed on your freezer(s) to protect you from a loss of irreplaceable research or storage materials. Contact Us to begin customizing your preventative maintenance program.

Paramount Gas Products has a full line of disposable and refillable gas calibration cylinders. Our gas calibration experts will work with you to develop a calibration schedule that works best for your business. We are able to do on-site calibrations of portable and fixed gas detection units, as well as training of your personnel for in house calibrations. Once a calibration is performed by a Paramount technician, a calibration certificate for each unit and sensor will be provided.  Contact Us for more information on our calibration services.